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 Naisho datta koi (Love was a secret)

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PostSubject: Naisho datta koi (Love was a secret)   Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:27 pm

Mangaka: ADUMI Yuu
Published: 2007
Genre: Shojo, Smut, Romance
Comment: It's really about sex and there are some quite grafic ones. And although I don't like short stories in general these ones are pretty good although the Mangaka doesn't have many releases.

A collection of 5 smut short stories spinning around different girls.

1) Naisho datta Koi
Kanon meets an old classmate on a class reunion.
2) Ai nante iranai
A girl locked her emotions because of her abusive father and is unable to feel love
3) Kurami ni ki o tsukete
Last year of High School, the class participates in a test of courage in a forest in pairs .
4) Kanjitai
A girl doesn't enjoy sex with her boyfriend although she loves him. But just sticking *it* in is feeling horrible. So what to do?
5) Atsukunatteyo!
Sakura's boyfriend is Mitsuru, a yankee, because she has a crush on yankees. It all comes from her neighbourf of childhood, Takechan, who also was one.

Chapter 1: In progress
Chapter 2: In progress
Chapter 3: In progress
Chapter 4: In progress
Chapter 5: In progress

*ATM no scanner here, will start when back in home in 2 weeks Smile
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Naisho datta koi (Love was a secret)
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