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PostSubject: FAQ   Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:13 am

Here the FAQs. Please refer to this page before asking and check whether your question is already answered.

1. Can I put your mangas on my site?
No. definitely not. I put a lot of effort in this page, in scanlating them and with me all people helping and supporting me. So please, just link the this forum, even just the post is ok. But DON'T just link to the download link!

2. Can I re-translate your Projects in another language?
Well, basically, there is no reason to refuse. But please ask me beforehand, because sometimes I don't scan the Mangas myself. So I need the permission of the Scanner first. Besides, re-link to please! And give Credits! If I see ONE project without any Credit somewhere, I definitely will just stop scanlating ist.
BUT NO GERMAN SCANLATING! This project is a side project of me, but my main project is to help Akuma-Corporation, a German Scanlation-Site. If you really want to do this in German, look there for the status and then ask me first with a PM in this forum! Maybe you can help out.

3. I can't download!
Maybe the link is broken. If so, write me a PM. Also, if there is any other trouble. I host my files at 4shared, so usually there should not be a problem.

4. The link is broken/the file incomplete etc
Send me a PM and I try to fix the problem.

5. when do you do the next chapter of xyz
When I feel I want to do it. End of discussion. If finished, you'll see it first on the page or in this forum. So stay tuned.

6. Would you translate this manga xyz?
Sure, if I have free time and am interested in the manga, why not. The only request I have is, you scan it for me or you know where I can get the scans to do it (if I don't have the Manga myself). Either way, just write me a PM or post it in the forum Smile

7. Where can I buy the original manga?
Usually would do the best for you.

8. Why did you stop/Why don't you release any more chapters of xyz?
Either because I lack of interest or lack of sources. Either way will be written at the project status. So if there is a lack of sources and you have this manga it would be a great help if you could scan it for me Smile

9. Why does this page contains a crappy free forum and a crappy livejournal? Where is the nice design?
This page is for scanlating manga. Do you want me to spent more time in learning how to use all this programming stuff and how to be creative like this or do you want me to spent this time in translating Wink Of course you can always offer me a nice layout - but I'm really stupid, so maybe it's not a good idea...

10. I wanna join you, hire me!
I'm happy to! But please notice, I don't plan to make this page a big deal since my private life is time consuming enough. So I would probably not need nay more translators. But any help in Proofreading, Cleaning and editing is always welcomed since I'm not native and editing takes a lot of time... Refer to the recruitment page for details and what I actually look for.

11. Could we be partner?
Sure, write a PM and tell me more about your idea Very Happy Of course your site has to be related to this site.

12. Can I upload to redistribution sites such as Manga fox or Manga Traders?
No. After much consideration, just doing so is not allowed. Manga Fox is okay since I have asked them for a 7-days-waiting period(I also wanna know whether ppl like my work! So pls download it here). But any other - including not just but also - MANGA TRADERS is NOT allowed. Think about it. What does MT provide I don't? Download Service? I do, too. Just because some people are lazy to jump to Scanlator's Pages these kind of sites can survive. So please - if you like the manga, buy it. And if you like my work, donload from me.

13. What if you close your site? Can I upload it there then?
Just if I didn't already do it Razz The best way to keep translated Manga alive after closing a site is looking there. Hey, I'm not a bitch, I just like people coming to me for my work Razz
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