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 Proofreader - atm no need

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PostSubject: Proofreader - atm no need   Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:18 am

I'm really in need for a reliable proofreader who is willing to look over a chapter once in a while. I'm not native and some of my phrases might seem weird, not appropriate or just wrong.

What you need to do:
- check spelling, grammar and the flow of words
- check the chapter as soon as possible, but at least in one week after I sent it to you

What you need to have:
- good knowledge of English, so as inter punctuation, grammar, etc
- either native or bilingual-native or something similar
- enough free time to finish the chapter in one week (don't worry, a .txt-file with corrections is enough, no editing required)
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Proofreader - atm no need
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