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 About me

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PostSubject: About me   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:15 pm

Hy guys!

I think I should tell you something about the Staff of Everlasting-Memory who is... just me Wink

Name: Shu
Age: Secret
Weight: Why do you dare to ask!
Location: Atm Tokyo

I'm already working several years for the German Scanlationgroup Akuma-Corp and still continue my work there. Since I work there for such a long time already I still regard it as my main subject. Also, because I want to make Scanlations in Germany popluar, too (English-speakers know them already so well that there are nearly too many groups already O_O).

I'm studying Japanese for several years now and lived for a certain time in Japan, going to university and taking language classes. But soon I have to go back and finish my regular studies. What a pity! But I come back, don't worry, and then I will find new Manag for you *muahahahaha*

ATM no other staff here.
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About me
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